Hours of Operation: 
Saturday, August 27th, 10am-10pm; Set-up begins Friday and all vendors are to be set up and ready by 9:30 on Saturday.  All vehicles must be removed from festival areas by 9am.  The festival will end at 10 although vendors  may close at 8pm begin tear down at this time. We ask all vendors to not break down prior to 8pm.  No vehicles will be allowed back into the faire grounds until after the event closes, but there will be access to vehicles close to the vendor area.  This outdoor event will proceed rain or shine; please be prepared.  Vendors will not be refunded.  We invite all vendors to dress in 1700's period costume (pirate, Indian, Patriot, Celtic or island attire), but it is not required.  A vendor contest will be judged by Captain Redbeard and his krewe for each booth and costumes on Saturday.  Awards will be displayed on booths.   Note that no vendors are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages during festival hours of operation. Violation of this policy will be enforced and the vendor will be asked to leave and not return, with no refunds given.


Vendors must register at Captain's Quarters on the festival site prior to set-up. Please check the website for directions to the festival.


Sanitation and Health Guidelines:

Each vendor is responsible for removal of trash from their site and leave the area in the same condition they arrived.  Dumpsters are located at the festival site.  Vendors will comply with all guidelines provided by New York State Health Department for food vendors.  Each vendor is responsible for providing the festival with a current food permit from the NYS Health Department.  Should you have a question regarding this, please contact:  NYS Dept. of Health, 624 Pre-Emption Road, Geneva, NY, 14456; telephone 315.789.3030.  You must apply 21 days prior to the event.  A certificate of insurance is required for all food vendors.  Each unit must provide potable water for cooking and clean up as prescribed by the Health Department.  You must provide a clean hose accepted by the Health Dept. for any refills.

All food and craft vendors must supply 100' length, heavy gauge extension cords.  Other special requests will be considered only at application time.  110V or 20-amp single phase duplex electrical outlet will be available.  Vendors who would like to use generators must be approved in advance (call 585.367.8417).  Electrician will be available on Friday after noon for hook-up and Saturday from 8am - 11am. ALL EQUIPMENT IS TO BE PROPERLY GROUNDED.


All vendors will be provided with an identification car tag for (2) vehicles to park in vendor parking.  You will receive this and directions at registration.  Availability and location for vendor overnight camping to be determined and approved by the festival committee when requested.


Tents and Displays:
Space is provided for 15'x15' and 15'x20' for tents, displays, or concessions.  No tables, chairs, or canopies are provided.  Each vendor is responsible for the set-up and disassembly of their booth.  The identification sign for the display must be made of sturdy material and displayed throughout the festival.  Vendors with self-contained trailers must include a diagram of their proposed display depicting sales window, access door and trailer tongue.


New York State Sales Tax:
Each vendor is responsible for collecting/reporting his or her own sales tax, plus display your NYS Tax ID Form.  Ontario County Sales Tax as of Sept 2009 is 7.5%.  For further information contact:  NYS Sales Tax Registration, Building 8, State Office Campus, Albany, NY, 12227; telephone 1.800.972.1233.


All vendors must describe in detail products, menus, art, crafts, etc. to be displayed and sold with the application.  Please include pictures or drawings if possible.  The Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse any individual, group, or event that does not meet festival standards.  All exhibits, events, entertainment and merchandise will be examined and we, the Festival Committee, reserve the right to make a determination to any rules regarding the festival program.  Offenders will be asked to leave and not return; no refunds will be given.  This event is to promote and


Captain Redbeard thanks the sponsors, presenters and volunteers for their hard work, gracious donations and support for the Pirate Festival on Honeoye Lake.  This event will encourage tourism and revenue for our businesses in Honeoye. 

​Many businesses and community residents are asking how they can get involved or support the festival.  We have put together the following ideas.  Any way you can help will help the community you live in.

​Each business or organization can support the event with decorating your business storefront and set up displays inside with brochures and posters.  You can have employees wear costumes or festival t-shirts.  Ask your employees or staff to be knowledgeable on festival events for the weekend.  Welcome tourists to Honeoye for a return visit or possibly a potential new homeowner.  You can wear pirate, English or Irish style costumes or festival t-shirts.

​Another way to sponsor the festival is to volunteer your time for the weekend or even a couple of hours.  Join the krewe and have fun!  Give just 3 hoursof your time and you'll receive a gift from the Captain.

​ Don't have time?  Then sponsor an event or make a donation.  Sponsor fee must be received by August 1st for print ads (Queen & King) and Aug. 20 for all others