Are ye ready fer 2016?

We are getting ready fer Ol 'Red Beard to come back to port fer his yearly visit!

Ye got a question?

Captain Redbeard's Feast
PO Box 361
Honeoye, NY  14471

​Captain Redbeard looks forward to you joining
Him and his Krewe for a weekend of pirates,Seafood and family fun... 
​Sponsored by HEARTS, Inc.

Where ye be goin?

Captain Redbeard and his hungry rouge pirates will return August 27th, 2016 on Honeoye Lake.  They have traveled for centuries looking for Pirate Cove and once found, they have charted its location as a port of call when sailing these seas.   He and his krewe will enjoy live music with a reggae/Caribbean and folk music flair, a market place where starving pirates and vendors sell and trade their wares, services, vittles, and grog.  Don't forget Parrot Bay for the wee buccaneers, plenty of pirate games and entertainment. 
​ During each voyage to Pirate Cove, Captain Redbeard continues to search for the gold he buried here in 1788 with the love of his life, Maggie O'Haron finally at his side.  Maggie joined the krewe as first mate so not to loose him again to the call of the sea. After waiting years for his return while tending her tavern, Maggie's, she wasn't about to let him sail away alone again. As she sails the seas with the Captain her devoted sister and niece keep the lanterns aglow at the tavern.
Will the Captain find his treasure this year? Will he find his gold before YOU do? Come to Pirates Cove and help us welcome back our favorite pirate, his lady love and krewe for singing, dancing, and impromptu entertainment, and of course, TREASURE. 
​ Admission is $3 per person, $2 for those under 10.  Each individual admission may receive $1 off with the donation of a stable food item for the local food pantry.